Establish yourself as a great iOS Developer

Key Attributes of an iOS Developer 



To be a great iOS developer you have to have amazing technical knowledge especially in the domain of Programming so to get you started here are some tips.

  1. Knowledge of SWIFT, This is the programming language used to develop iOS apps.
  2. Git and Github


Spatial Reasoning

The capability to think in terms of 3D as apple products have an ecosystem. (Iphone, Ipad, Mac etc.) so it is easy for cross platform adaptability. This is a very important attribute.


To find creative ways of using all the data at hand so that a successful product can be created. The ability of a developer to think outside the box places the developer above others. If a developer is able to create apps that are unique and unconventional, it makes his work stand out from other developers. There is no limit to creative thinking. People can think way beyond boundaries to create new ideas.


As new technologies develop. One must be able to adapt to new ways of completing tasks so as to stay current with the tech industry.

Fast and Productive

One must be able to meet deadlines so as to act fast to adapt to a dynamic environment. The app store keeps updating its terms and conditions and a developer must be able to adapt to the change.

Analytical Skills 

Many iPhone developers have relevant certification in programming and graphic designing which is good but the way they apply the knowledge garnered from school is what makes them stand out. An iPhone app developer should be able to achieve high-end tasks. Therefore the one that is able to put himself in the place of the customer and identify the target audience that you are trying to draw to your iPhone app. These developers will be able to identify your needs and their expertise in iOS framework. So they should be able to create a very good iPhone app.

3 Tools needed for this role are.

Wireshark – Wireshark is a well-known network traffic monitoring tool. It has a strong graphical interface based on GTK + and a powerful filter system.

CloneZilla – open-source tool designed to clone disks and individual hard disk partitions. As well as facilitate system backup and disaster recovery.

System Monitor – ‘Sysmon’ enhances Windows OS logging functionality by writing detailed information about process creations and terminations. Network connections and file creations to the Windows event log


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