Follow these steps to be an Embedded Software Developer

Key Traits of an Embedded Software Developer


Much like desktop software engineers, Embedded software developers write code to solve problems and implement systems.




1) Think like a Systems Engineer

Being able to visualize the project as a system so knowing the limitations of the hardware, packaging and mechanical limits will allow for better software design. This is one of the most important process building task for a Software Developer.

2) Understanding Hardware

A good embedded software developer has to understand hardware so primarily the micro-controller and associated peripherals. Developers’ main tool for work is their computer, so it’s only logical that they know how to navigate their devices from the technical point of view. However, what sets great software developers apart from average ones when it comes to this is that they not only understand computers (and other related devices), but actually enjoy figuring out the logic behind them.


3) Good Communication skills

Believe it or not, Software Developers need good communication skills, so it’s not just about speaking a high level of the English language and being able to talk to your clients and/or employers. No, having good communication skills means being able to convey an idea in an accurate and effective manner. It means being able to get your point across and understanding what others are trying to tell you. It means knowing how to communicate with the people you work with.


3) Grit

All engineers require mental energy. As a new engineer, you won’t solve the most challenging problems during your first attempts. In fact, you may have to spend days, weeks, or longer looking for a solution before finding one that meets both business and product requirements. A great developer won’t hesitate to offer their teammates help when they get stuck, teach new skills to others, and even write tutorials that can help not only the other members of their team, but the entire developer community, as well.



So here are some tools which are essential for a Embedded Software Developer.


  • C++


  • Linker


  • Debugger


  • Assembler


  • Compiler

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