How the tech industry is attracting more women?

A brief about Women in Tech Industry 2018


Women in tech have always been underrepresented. But, the past few years have been an reverse scenario. Tech companies around the world have started to change the way the represent the women workforce. Gender equality in the workspace has now become something of a norm which is needed to be followed to represent a company positively.


One of the several strategies that Tech companies adopt is the changing of wordings when they post a job. Deleting gender from CVs, insisting that shortlists include women, enhancing maternity rights and showcasing female role models on social media. Changing job adverts is a small but effective part of the push to change the industry’s gender balance.


Until very recently, the tech industry has been male dominated. These kind of changes have increased the employability of women by 3% year over year.


Because more female role models in IT could help to entice workers into the sector,  There has always been a distinct lack of female CEOs among the top tech companies, though this is starting to change. Recruiters can inspire young women to work in IT through the success stories of some of the industry’s rising female stars such as engineer Erica Baker from Slack. Knowing that a company has a female management team could encourage more women to apply for the role, and give them confidence that the job has future prospects.


Even where companies are strong at hiring women for IT jobs, the industry still has a high attrition rate. In order to keep skilled IT professionals on their books, companies need to ensure their female workers are getting fair opportunities and an equal salary. To ensure that women are attracted to IT jobs and that they stay in them, employers should work continually to maintain an equal and fair workplace.

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