Qualities of a Cyber Security Engineer

Key Attributes of a Cyber Security Analyst

1) Attention to detail –

The ability to work under pressure. To make decisions in real time and to be able to work in a global environment. Being analytical, curious and a good communicator are just some of the attributes that make a good cyber security professional.

2) Curious and Perceptive –

To be successful you have to be curious, and seek out new weaknesses before they become weaknesses. A good cybersecurity professional needs to see problems from both sides so they have to be in the proper mindset of the company, thinking of what they want to protect so they also have to look through the lens of an external threat, and see any weaknesses or places to attack.

3) Continuous Learner –

The security workforce needs people who will be a part of inventing the solutions that will keep us safe not only today but in the future. It’s about hiring someone who has intellectual depth but is willing to learn from others, without ego – not just experience to perform the role. The cybersecurity job profile is changing continuously and with a quick pace, and therefore the most important quality firms look for in a security hire is someone who can do the same – someone with natural curiosity that will lead to continual learning.

4) Patience 

In the cybersecurity world, the problems people face are not only dynamic, but also very difficult to start with, so persistence is key. Additionally, a certain level of persistence requires confidence, which is a must in this industry, as security consultants have to deal with the full force of employees, from CEOs and board-level executives to end users. Therefore there’s no time or space to doubt yourself.


Here are some of the tools required for this role.


  • Wireshark

The most famous tool for network analysis and packet sniffing. This is the best solution to discover what happens in depth on your network.



  • Metasploit

The best framework for PenTesting. It helps to find vulnerabilities and new solutions for cyber security issues.



  • Nmap

Nmap is an open source tool for the information gathering, port scanning and security scanning.

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