The App that helped Mr Srinivasan get his dream job as a database manager at Axis Bank [You are few taps away]

Mr Srinivasan had a great resume with relevant skills and experience. He also had an enthusiastic personality. His past employers praised him because of his dedication and work ethic.

But even with all this, he was not able to get his dream job. He was going through ‘Classifieds’ and online job listings but there was nothing that matched his standards.

He also knew that experience matters a lot in the tech industry. If you remain at the same level for long then it only means that you’re wasting your time. His anxiety was increasing.

When he was about to give up, he came across a great solution.

What changed his life?

His problem was not of his current job. Like any other tech professional in India, he was ambitious. He wanted a more meaningful and satisfying occupation.

His solution was WIFT. It’s a new (and free) mobile app, which helps professionals find jobs that match their criteria. When he downloaded the app, he was a little nervous.

“Does it really work?”

“What if it’s a hoax?”

Numerous questions were roaming his mind. He registered as a tech professional there. Right after signing up and putting in the preferences, he saw numerous job opportunities near his location.

He was surprised to see that most of those opportunities weren’t present anywhere else. Soon, he found a job that matched his criteria- database manager at Axis Bank.

He interviewed and got the job.


Mr Srinivasan is not alone. There are many other professionals who have used WIFT to get their dream jobs with ease. You can be among them too. The simple interface and great network of this app help you in finding out about the numerous job opportunities which match their requirements.

When are you planning to start?

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