Top 10 skills required to become an Android App Developer

Top 10 skills required to become an Android App Developer

If you wish to work in the Android application development industry, the first skill that you would need is knowledge of Java. The reason behind this is that Java is the building block on which Android development stands. Be comfortable with Java concepts such as loops, variables, lists, and control structures.


You also need knowledge of SQL (Structured Query Language) to become a successful Android app developer. You need to know the basics to organize the databases in the Android apps. This language is needed to express queries to get information from said databases.

Android Studio and SDK

Knowledge of both Android SDK (Software Development Kit) and Studio are necessary to land Android app developer jobs. One of the best things about Android is that you get all the tools such as these for free.


Programmers use XML so they can describe data. You need to know the basics of this syntax so you can become a full-fledged Android developer.This will help you design layouts of UIs (user interfaces) and parse data feeds from the internet.


If you wish to fill up Android developer vacancy, you need to have perseverance as an individual. If you want to be perfect in app development, continue working on it until you get it right. You will always face roadblocks, but you would need patience to overcome them.

The quality of collaboration

As a developer, it is very important that you are always willing to collaborate with others. Maybe you are working on a project by yourself. Even in that case, you would have to work in association with others, such as designers and marketers.

The thirst for knowledge

This is an integral quality for anyone looking to fill an Android developer requirement. As a developer, you need to be committed towards learning and this has to be a lifelong commitment for sure. Considering how rapidly this landscape changes, this is an important virtue to have.


API stands for Application Program Interface. While working as an Android developer, you would come in touch with a lot of other services. Often these companies would offer you APIs. In that case, you would have to be comfortable using APIs.


Knowledge of databases is an important prerequisite for Android application development. If your app is working with a lot of data, chances are most of it would not be on your phone at a time. You need to know how to sync the data from various storages so that your users can have a better overall experience.

Material Design

Google has recently come out with Material Design, a set of interface-related standards and guidelines that are forward-thinking by nature. Google strongly advises that Android app developers adhere to these as a basis for their own interfaces.

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