Why every JOB seeker in the Tech Industry should have ‘WIFT’ on their phone? [And it’s Free too]

You open your Instagram feed and you see a 25-ish millionaire with a Lamborghini who says you should take a risk. You scroll down and you see an image with a quotation similar to the one below:

“The biggest risk is not taking any risk” – Mark Zuckerberg

You suddenly feel a spark inside your mind. You want to change your lifestyle and get a better job. You want more pay, more free time, better work-life balance and you visualize everything.

You decide to make that change. But soon reality hits you.

“How can I find a better job?”

“Where should I go to get my dream job?”

So you begin to give up. But before you do, you should give a try to Wift. It’s a free mobile app that provides you with the latest job opportunities in your locality, which match your preference.

Finding a job is very hard

It’s true. Ask any jobless person in Mumbai and you’ll hear the numerous problems that arise as soon as you reach this stage. Following are the reasons why the time of finding a job is so tough:

It takes time:

Going through job listings and giving interviews takes time. You don’t know when you’ll find the next company that’ll hire you. It might take you a week or even a month (or more) to find a good company with great growth prospects.

You will have to wait this time out. And while you are doing so, you will have to ensure that you don’t make any mistakes. Being patient without giving up can take a toll on your productivity.

It takes effort:

Your job hunt will not get done automatically. Someone will have to go through different listings and give interviews and that someone is you.

There is so much competition in the market, with new talent coming around every year. You will have to put in extra effort, develop new skills, develop a network, get referrals and perform a lot of other tasks.

Job search becomes a more difficult task when you are doing a job. You’ll have to lie to your boss and manage your workload while performing all the aforementioned tasks.

It depends on luck:

You might not believe in luck but you’ll need it when you’re looking for a job. That’s because there might be a perfect opportunity for you out there but if you’’re not aware of it, someone else will seize it.

So you will have to take a change every once in a while when you’re on a job hunt. You will need to spend a lot of time and effort too.

Let’s discuss how Wift simplifies this process.

What Wift can do for you?

Wift is a free app which provides you with the most suitable job opportunities around you. You will have to put in your skills, experience and CTC. According to your provided data, it will give you recommendations.

It saves your time:

All the latest job openings arrive at your dashboard. You don’t have to go through a rigorous process as well.

You can like a job or swipe it away for further recommendations. Its entire process takes only a few seconds. If you don’t like the current openings, you can wait for some time for the new ones.

It saves your effort:

You will not have to go through every job listing in order to find the ones which match your preference.

It gives you recommendations accordingly so you will only have preferred options presented to you. It’s a great advantage for anyone who wants to save effort.

It helps you make your luck:

We said earlier that you will have to rely on your luck. Well, Wift helps you make your own luck as you will remain aware of the latest opportunities in your sector, you will have maximum control on your search.

It’s clear that your chances of missing an opportunity will be thin.


Wift can certainly enhance your job search. It removes the hurdles of this process and makes your task easier.

When you are in the tech field, its importance increases considerably as a new opportunity can arrive anytime at your doorstep.

What other apps should a tech professional have? Let us know.

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