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Trato Industries - StyleCracker - Backend Developer

Trato Industries - StyleCracker

Backend Developer
Wadala West, Wadala, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
3 - 5 Years
4 - 7 LPA


Job Description

1. An engineering graduate or Post graduate; with 3+ years’ experience 

 2. Able to showcase work involving concurrent and distributed systems & applications in PHP 
 3. A champ in Data Structures, Algorithms, Object-Oriented Design, Analysis, Design patterns and other computer science concepts 4. Strong in RDBMS concepts and EAV designs 
 5. Someone with In-depth knowledge of RDBMS & NoSQL (Redis, Mongo) 
 6. Have knowledge of PHP Frameworks like Laravel. 
 7. Strong understanding of JavaScript, it’s quirks, and workarounds 
 8. Preferably knowledgeable about PHP frameworks like Laravel

Work Function

Backend Development




  • B.C.A


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