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Karza Technologies - Data Engineer

Karza Technologies

Data Engineer
Worli, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
1 - 3 Years
7 - 12 LPA


Job Description

  • Good understanding of RDBMS concepts and practical experience of writing SQL queries and stored procedures. 
  • Good conceptual understanding of NoSQL databases (Key/Value, Document, Column family, Graph databases), Apache SOLR, Lucene etc. 
  • Hands on experience with at least some of the NoSQL databases (Preferable if it includes MongoDB, Cassandra, Redis or Neo4J). 
  • Good conceptual understanding of HDFS and have hands on experience with at least one of the querying tools like Pig, Hive and Impala. 
  • Fundamental understanding of MapReduce computing paradigm and working experience with at least one of the frameworks/data stores which supports map-reduce capability. 
  • Should have practical experience of programming in at least one of the general purpose programming languages like Java, Python, Scala etc.

Work Function

Data Science


Information Technology


  • B.E / B.Tech


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