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SkillVentory - Data Scientist


Data Scientist
Andheri Mumbai
5 - 8 Years
10 - 35 LPA


Job Description

Are you interested in pursuing your career in Asset Management? Does working in a data driven business excite you? As a Data Scientist, you will process massive amounts of data and build advanced machine learning models to solve a variety of complex business problems, such as recommender systems, classification and natural language generation (NLG). We’re looking for someone to: – Defining AI research problems and criteria for evaluating success – Processing massive amounts of structured and unstructured data – Building deployable machine learning models and scalable NLP platforms that can support real time solutions for recommendation, Q&A, sentiment analysis, NLG, etc. – Researching new machine learning solutions for complex business problems – Communicating findings

Work Function


Information Technology


  • B.E / B.Tech


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