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Mphasis - Java Developer


Java Developer
Outer Ring Road, Vijaya Bank Colony, Gopal Reddy Layout, Kallumantapa, Banasawadi, Bengaluru, Karnat
5 - 7 Years
15 - 20 LPA


Job Description

The Java Developer would need to have experience in Java. This Candidate must be a highly skilled Core Java expert proficient in Java 8 functionalities. This person should be an experienced hands-on developer with very good fundamentals in Core Java, computer science, and meeting requirements below: Required Experience and Skills: - Strong Core Java and Fundamentals. - Complete understanding of Java collections framework including their performance implications of various data structures and algorithms. - Thorough understanding of Java threading/concurrency this not only includes synchronized blocks, wait notify, but also executors, ThreadPools, Fork/Join, blocking queues, semaphores, countdown latch etc.. - Java exception hierarchies and when to use what. - Knowledge of unit testing (JUnit or TestNG) and mocking framework like bmoc or easy mock. - Thorough understanding of JDBC and SQL. Requirements (Must Have): - At least 1 yr experience with Java SE 8/JDK 1.8. - Java 8 Streams and Parallel Streams. - Java 8 CompletableFutures. - Non blocking development in Java. - Java 8 lambdas and knowledge of existing Java 8 predicates. - InTest Unit Testing. - Good Knowledge in below mentioned skills. - Good in JAVA 1.8.

Work Function

Backend Development


Information Technology


  • B.E / B.Tech


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