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Atom Technologies - Technical Architect - Mobile

Atom Technologies

Technical Architect - Mobile
Andheri East, Mumbai
3 - 5 Years
7 - 12 LPA


Job Description

1) Specify the duties and responsibilities: • At least 2 years of experience in online Payment Solutions Domain • Expertise in Core Java • Good understanding of Sockets, Threads, Message Queues and Database & File System Manipulation • Understanding of ISO 8583 • Understanding of SQL and Usage of at least one RDBMS • Understanding of Blocking and Non-Blocking I/O 2) Skills required: • Understanding of NoSQL Databases • Understanding of Any Java IDE • Understanding of any Web Server and J2EE Container • Understanding of any Cache systems like Memcached or Redis etc. • Understanding of any Project Management and Team Communication tool • Knowledge of distributed and scalable architectures • Understanding of any of AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, OpenStack, etc • Understanding of various protocols like TCP, UDP, HTTP 3) Soft Skills required: • Good to be a leader • Must be a team player • Must be a problem solver • Good communication skills

Work Function

Backend Development


Information Technology


  • B.E / B.Tech


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